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Effective immediately,  we are suspending The Jeff O’Neil Show, which will return January 13, 2015.  This will allow us to review our internal practices to ensure that our programming is compliant with our station’s policies, as well as community and broadcast standards.  Corus Entertainment and Corus Radio Vancouver are disappointed by recent comments made on the show and they do not represent the views of our company.  We apologize to our listeners and to the broader community for the offensive comments made on The Jeff O’Neil Show.

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Every die hard NIN fans dream
Some hardcore NIN fan has been painstakingly putting together a massive archive of live material going all the way back to 1988, and he's made it available to the public...for free!!  How massive could it be?  527GB!!  How many versions of Terrible Lie does a guy need? Go buy a new external HD and start downloading the files here.   The stage production from the Rogers Arena show in 2013 was insane...check it below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hjm0aMvDqxg...

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