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Effective immediately,  we are suspending The Jeff O’Neil Show, which will return January 13, 2015.  This will allow us to review our internal practices to ensure that our programming is compliant with our station’s policies, as well as community and broadcast standards.  Corus Entertainment and Corus Radio Vancouver are disappointed by recent comments made on the show and they do not represent the views of our company.  We apologize to our listeners and to the broader community for the offensive comments made on The Jeff O’Neil Show.

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Is This the Most Valuable Record in the Universe?
On July 18, 1953, a young truck driver walked into Memphis Recording Service with four dollars in his pocket to record two songs:  “My Happiness” and “That’s When Your Heartache Begins.”  The result was a once-of-a-kind acetate (a cheap self-pressed demo) that legend says was supposed to be a present for his mother. That truck driver was Elvis Presley and this was the record that made Sun owner Sam Phillips perk up his ears. He hauled Elvis back in to record a few more tracks and–well,...

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